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About Old Roses

The following titles have ideas about the definition of a "Heritage" Rose:
Francis E Lester -  My Friend the Rose
Evelyn Keays - Old Roses
Phillips and Rix - Various titles

"Heritage" Books to look for   -   listed in chronological order
The list below is based on the article "Reading about Roses" by Jim McIntyre which appeared in the RNRS The Rose Annual 2005 
The purist would look for old original copies!
But for anyone just wanting a copy to read many have been reproduced in facsimile editions!
The Rose Amateur's Guide
by Thomas Rivers (1837). An interesting text-book on rose cultivation by a gifted Hertfordshire nurseryman.
The Book of Roses or The Rose Fancier's Manual
by C.F. Gore (1838)
The Rose Garden
by William Paul (1848). The first part is a history of the cultivation of the rose up to that date. The second part is a catalogue of what was on offer at the time.
A Book About Roses
by Dean Hole (1869). Easy to come by as it went into many, many editions.
The Rose Book
by Shirley Hibberd (1874). Shirley Hibberd wrote many books and articles on all aspects of large scale Victorian gardening.
Roses for Amateurs
by the Rev. H.H. D'Ombrain (1887)
The Book of the Rose
by the Rev. A Foster-Melliar (1894). Mainly about growing and exhibiting Hybrid Perpetuals, most of which have now long gone.
Hybridisation of Roses
by Walter Easlea (1896).
Cultivated Roses
by T.W. Sanders (1899).
Roses for English Gardens
by Gertrude Jekyll & Edward Mawley (1902).
Tea Roses
by F.R. Burnside (1904).
Roses - their History, Development and Cultivation
by the Rev. Joseph Pemberton (1908). Very much a rose textbook and makes no mention in the first edition of the Hybrid Musk breeding for which he was later to be renowned. The second (1920) edition did.
The Genus Rosa
by Ellen Willmott (1910-14). Issued as a part work it has recieved varied and interesting opinions. The excellent illustrations have been reproduced in later works. Bound editions are considered very valuable as an antique book.
by H.R. Darlington (1911).
The Rose
by H.B. Ellwanger (1914). An American publication.
The Rose Encyclopedia
by T.G.W. Henslow (1922).
All About the Rose in Simple Language
by Sir J.L. Cotter, Bart (1924).
Modern Roses
edited by Dr Horace McFarland (1930). Described as being to the rosarian what Wisden is to the cricketer. It has gone through many revised editions the latest being Modern Roses 12
Old Roses
by F.L. Keays (1935).
Old Garden Roses
by Edward Bunyard (1936). "a classic". "The descriptions are a mine of information and an aid to naming unknown varieties."
Successful Rose Growing
by Albert Norman (1953). The author was an amateur rose breeder with 'Frensham', 'Ena Harkness' and 'Isobel Harkness' to his credit.
History of the Rose
by Roy E Shepherd (1954). “A landmark in rose literature” very detailed on rose species and near derivatives.
The Old Shrub Roses (1955), Shrub Roses of Today (1962) and Climbing Roses Old and New (1965) 
by Graham Stuart Thomas, — all three can be bought as one volume.
Collins Guide to Roses by Bertram Park (1956).
The Pocket Encyclopaedia of Roses by Harry Edland (1963). Crammed with information, rose lists and colour pictures.
The Rose Anthology by H.L.V. Fletcher (1963).
The Rose by Roy Genders (1965). 
A huge book with lots of illustrations in colour, black and white, and drawings covering all aspects of rose growing.
Rose Growing Complete by Edward Le Grice (1965). “Gives much valuable information in simple plain English.”

Several of the above titles are available locally but if you prefer your own copy then many of the recent and out of print titles above can be found on line.

Sources we have used include - or for recent titles and and for the older and out-of-print.

(NB Whereas a title search on amazon tends to be quite intuitive, abebooks title searches need to be accurate.)

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