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Hybrid Musks

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Hybrid Musk roses are well scented with masses of medium-sized flowers in white, cream, pink, buff and red.

Hybrid Musks
Hybrid Musks are usually low-growing shrubs with long arching canes coming from the centre of the bush to form flower stalks. The leaves are dark green and plentiful and the small flowers clusters are on the end of the stalks or canes. They are repeat flowering and some have a fragrance. Having rambler in their heritage, Hybrid Musks can grow into huge bushes if left alone, or can be trained as climbers.

Deadhead through spring and summer to promote flowering by pruning the spent flower canes back to two or three buds from the main stem. Shape the bushes in autumn, retaining the hip display where feasible. In winter cut back long laterals to two or three buds from the main stem. Remove dead, damaged and diseased wood. Once a Hybrid Musk is established it needs little more than a summer trim to keep it in shape.

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