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Moss Roses first appeared as sports or mutants of Rosa x centifolia. The twigs and the sepals are covered with dense masses of sticky glands which are strongly scented.Many different varieties of Damask roses were raised. Some Damask roses had China roses in their ancestry, so that Damask Mosses were produced. One of these, ‘William Lobb’, is still popular.

Moss roses are distinguishable from Centifolias by the moss-like growth on the buds and sepals. Bushes grow long canes that can be pegged down to increase flowering. The flowers are double, flat and fragrant. Once flowering: after flowering, reduce the length of the new fishing rod by half and the short new laterals back to two or three buds. Repeat-flowering: in winter prune quite hard to encourage compactness. Moss roses flower on two-year-old wood.

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