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About Old Roses

Heritage Roses or Old Roses
Asking old rose enthusiasts to explain what makes a rose a "Heritage Rose" will result in a whole host of different opinions. Some will give specific dates, some will want to include specific varieties and others will be content not to set hard and fast rules. 

Francis E Lester writing eighty odd years ago makes some interesting points for not being too definite; while Ethelyn Keays reveals the problem that being too specific can result in a definition which results in national or even regional boundaries.
We prefer to make the definition a fairly loose one - if a rose has been around for a number of years and it is special to you then as far as you are concerned by all means call it a Heritage Rose if not simply an Old Rose .

The following titles have ideas about the definition of a "Heritage" Rose:
Francis E Lester -  My Friend the Rose
Evelyn Keays - Old Roses
Phillips and Rix - Various titles 

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